Strategies for Running a Lean IT Department

In this pandemic period, were are facing a lot of uncertainties. Businesses have tightened their belts and are being forced to implement hiring freezes. For IT leaders, this change means they are now managing heavier workloads with smaller IT teams. Tech leaders are being forced to find creative solutions to keep their departments going until the full recovery happens.

That said, here are a few strategies businesses can put in place to run a lean IT department while facing challenges in hiring.

Enable employee cross-training

There is a need for lean teams to be cross-trained to support more functions. This means leaders need to arrange training and up-skilling. You need to help your team learn new skills so that they can optimize their work, and do all essentials. With a cohesive work culture, you will keep your motivation high and employees will be more focused to deliver more.

Automate as much as possible

You need to focus on automation as much as you can. You can do this with vendor solutions that are focused on reducing your teams’ workload to focus on other areas where human attention is much desired. With proper automation, you will put yourself and your team in a position to deliver more with fewer resources. You need to focus on future business needs with a key focus on how you can automate as many tasks as possible.

Create more partnerships

You can partner with a staffing company to implement a contingent workforce. Doing so will help you target different talent segments and align your tasks with your current needs while at the same time taking advantage of the best available talent in the market. A staffing partner will help you to create a work environment that is collaborative, agile, inclusive, and safe, with the potential to attract and maintain top talent.

Look for cost saving opportunities

You need to look for cost savings for long-term managed services. With managed services, they can help you cut down on capital expenditure. You can also rely on managed service providers to do most of your IT work. Most managed service providers offer excellent deals to your problems. You need to take advantage of them by negotiating better rates and long term contracts.

You need to think of redesigning your organization’s structure and outsource where needed. First, redesign the IT organization structure to ensure its more efficient in delivering the required services. You can identify which services, be it security operations, desktop services support, among others, that can be outsourced to competent service providers. You also need to improve staff competency to manage any new technology without hiring new talent.

Think of restructuring

You also need to figure out what your core business entails. You need to be as lean as possible in product and service delivery, and avoid offering anything that eats on your resources without delivering value. If your core business is just running a health care company, then there is no need for you to run a data center in your premises.  Outsource any service or program that is eating on your resources so that you are left with fewer tasks to help you grow.

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