Ultimate Guide to Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When thinking about purchasing a new product, who should you trust more between a salesperson who profits directly from your purchase or a customer who has experience with your product you are considering and can give an honest review about it? There is no doubt you would pick the latter. Stats show that only 3 percent of consumers consider salespeople and marketers to be trustworthy. For the truth about your product, consumers turn to customer reviews.

People look into reviews and testimonials to determine whether or not they trust a product, service, or seller. On average, buyers read seven reviews before making a purchasing decision. Today, customer reviews are easier to find than ever, especially with the popularity of social media. Let’s break down some key points.

What is a customer review?

A customer review is a written reflection of customer experience and feedback on the use of a company’s product or service. Reviews are found on sites such as Google, Yelp, Amazon, and social media. Consumers make use of reviews during a purchase process to gain an understanding of how your product works, and conclude whether it’s worth it.

If you are a business, here are some of the steps you can follow to ask for customer reviews.

Bring it up naturally in conversations

If you are talking about your business with someone, or they tell you how they feel about your product or service, you get an opportune moment to ask them if they would be willing to leave a review about your product. If your product or service has superior performance, customers will be more than happy to leave a review of the whole experience.

Ask in response to praise

When someone tells you how much they love the experience or the purchase, be it in-store, online, or over the phone, request them to kindly share that information on a review. You can make it easier for the whole process by providing a link to your business review page.

Send an email blast

One of the best ways to market your products and services is by having an email list. If your company has an email list, you can send a message asking for honest feedback. Provide email recipient and easy to follow link or direction on how they can complete the review. Since reviews are not always anonymous, you can provide your reviewers with some rewards or just say thank you!

Apart from reviews, we also have customer testimonials. Customer testimonials are honest endorsements of your product or service. Testimonials are posted on a company’s website and are used as marketing materials. Testimonials will include information on someone’s overall experience and how your products provided value. They highlight the specific cases that can help prospects feel more confident in doing business with you.

All testimonials are unique, but should always be relatable, sincere, and specific. With these kinds of testimonials, a company stands large in building credibility. Customers trust other customers for their genuine opinion and advice.  Do all it takes to request your customers to record a 30-second video on how they found your product, then post these videos on your platforms

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