Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Today, most marketing teams are fully focused on driving traffic towards websites such as construction equipment transport with the hope that the traffic will convert into qualified leads for salespeople to close. If this circle is successful and continues, the business will ultimately grow. What we have talked about above represents an oversimplified look of the standard marketing playbook, and it’s very relevant to most businesses and marketing teams.

However, for businesses to have sustained growth, they must focus on conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action, which in most times is converting. In another world, the desired action may be completing a web form, signing up for a service, or purchasing a product. Conversion rate is calculated by dividing your number of conversions by visitors and multiplying that number by 100 to get the percentage.

Conversion rate optimization is the process of enhancing your website and content to boost conversions. A high conversion rate means your site is well organized and fully formatted and appeals to your target audience.

When you optimize a site, you stand a better chance to boost the number of highly qualified leads, increase revenue, lower acquisition costs and obtain greater value from your current leads and customers, and this places you in a position to grow better.

A site stands to benefit from conversion rate optimization in the following ways;


The homepage is the first area to benefit. Homepages become prime candidates for CRO. In addition to making the first impression on visitors, the homepage also gives you an opportunity to retain those visitors and guide them further into your website. You can achieve the same by putting an emphasis on linking product information, offering free sign up buttons, and even incorporating chatbots to solicit questions from visitors.


A blog presents a massive conversion opportunity for a website. Additionally, publishing thoughtfully and helpful content about your industry is another chance that a blog gives you. You can use a blog to realize the full power of conversion rate optimization and convert your readers into leads. The process will often include adding a call to action throughout your articles and inviting readers to learn more about the topics you write about.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are fully designed for people to take action. Landing pages can be optimized with video to encourage visitors to take action that the video requests them to. Landing pages can also be used to share free resources with visitors and can be optimized with preview content from a resource that encourages visitors to download the content.

It has to be noted that there are those situations a CRO is right for business. If a business is attracting website visitors, then you need to consider taking CRO. No matter how established or large your company is, you will want to convert your visitors into qualified leads and your customers will become brand advocated.

With the process of conversion rate optimization, you stand to get more out of your existing website traffic while at the same time ensuring you are targeting qualified leads.

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