How to Craft Your Content Strategy

When a business dealing with cleaning services or any service invests in content marketing, it stands at a better chance to improve its ability to engage with buyer personas and convert them into more leads. Additionally, such a business stands a better chance in terms of boosting its brand and connecting with its audience. There is a need for companies to actively invest in content marketing.

Content marketing takes different forms and businesses can take full advantage of all these forms to get the best out of content marketing. The first is to create topic clusters. When creating topic clusters, you will want to ensure that each customer touches on all the ways people are searching for a topic. You will want to start with a pillar page that will include all the main keywords you will be targeting. After that, you will need to come up with clusters or sub-topics that should be related to the specific angles of the topic. Your content will include a pillar page, which is clustered through an internal linking structure.

Topic Authority and multimedia content

Another important piece to establishing topic authority is introducing multimedia content, such as videos, images, infographics, and audio. All these types of media will greatly improve your chances of ranking. Search engine results in pages work to give online users the best results, and sometimes, the best way to achieve what you are looking for is through images and video.

If SERP results include multimedia and your content doesn’t, there is a possibility that your organic results will be pushed down the page and totally out of sight. You can perform a simple search for your target keywords to determine which media format will give you the best chance to get the highest rankings.

Think beyond search and rankings

If you are driving any content marketing strategy, it is advisable to think of ways to engage your audience in a manner that will not involve being fixated on rankings. You may tap into the unique voice and perspective of your company and create content that others are not. Additionally, you can start an interesting conversation and see how it can lead to building your audience.

You may consider publishing first-hand knowledge such as surveys, research reports or even focus group results. Additionally, think about creative ways to share emerging industry trends that matter most to your audience. You might consider sharing data through an infographic, which is the second most common form of media after videos. You need to put a huge priority on building links to boost authority and establish yourself as a thought leader. You need also to identify poor-performing tasks and share them via distribution channels to see if they are more successful among audience members there.

You also need to focus on the historical optimization of your content. You may consider keeping your blog content fresh by updating all topics, statistics, search intent, among others, that are relevant and accurate. You can tailor your content to your audience members’ interests, needs, and challenges as well. You can also consider adding smart content personalization tokens to your website to assist you.

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